Is the restaurant kosher?

What types of seating are there?
Seating is at tables for a couple or quartet.

Do you have a bar?
No. The building is 100 years old, and a bar would not be right.

Can I sit outside?
For us, ‘outside’ means in nature. That it includes wind, dust, and animals … we serve inside the restaurant.

Is there a smoking area?

outside. In nature. With the animals. And a little far, thank you.

Can I come with a dog?
Really? Dogs are welcome to spend time in the restaurant yard with our animals, who entertain guests very nicely.

Can I bring wine?
Wines that are not on the menu – yes. There is a corkage fee (quite symbolic) of 30 NIS.

What is the cancellation policy, and why am I required to fill in credit card information?
We host about 20 people a tasting evening and the non-appearance of diners affects us greatly. As is customary in the industry we reserve a table by leaving credit details. You can cancel the table up to 48 hours in advance, without any charge. Cancellation within a shorter period will be charged at 50% of the meal.

Is there a green pass?
Yes. We follow the guidelines.

How long is the meal?
We start with a cocktail and reception in the restaurant garden. The meal lasts about 3 hours with the understanding that there is simply no reason to hurry.

Is there a wine pairing menu?
Yes. There are 2 menus to choose from when booking the table or at the beginning of the meal. One is comprised from wines made solely in Israel and the other is wider ranging.

 Where do you see the menu?
The menu is unknown and is revealed throughout the evening.

What does the tasting meal include?
The tasting menu is a full meal that includes an opening cocktail and coffee. The meal does not include wines or other alcohol, which can be seen in the restaurant’s wine menu and one of the wine matching menus can be ordered. There are no carbonated drinks in Rutenberg aside from soda water.